Refreshingly Different

At a time when financial advice is increasingly automated and do it yourself, Weldons is refreshingly different.  For starters, our clients always deal with real human beings and whilst we embrace technology to help provide a first-class service, it never gets in the way of a very personal touch.  Whether your interest in financial services is for your personal or corporate circumstances, Weldons will be able to help you.

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About Weldons

Weldons Wealth Management Ltd is Simon Weldon’s advice business

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About you and Weldons

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How our services work for you

Initial Meetings:

These are discussions (without charge) where we will get to know each other, what your goals are, explain our fees and services, and decide whether we can work together.

Agree strategy and implementation:

Having agreed a strategy, we meet again to make sure you fully understand why the agreed strategy will meet your goals, and the costs involved. Only then do we implement the agreed plan.

On-going services:

As important as building a financial plan is the on-going review. This ensures changes in circumstances are accommodated and as far as possible, everything remains on track.

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